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One of the darkest realities of our world is the trafficking and exploitation of women and children. Every year, it generates illegal profits of $150 billion at the expense of over 45 million innocent lives! Preying on those who lack security and opportunity, traffickers seize control over disadvantaged victims through coercion and deception, then demand compelled service for profit.

Since 1994, Hagar has been working to restore the broken lives of women and children that have been ravaged by extreme human rights abuse, particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. We receive into our care those who have suffered the worst of human conditions, many of whom are referred to us by the local government and non-governmental organisations in the places where we work.

Operating from 10 countries worldwide, Hagar provides an entire suite of protection and aftercare services to effect sustainable change in their lives. We walk the whole journey of recovery with survivors until they are fully empowered to stand on their own, and be able to fight threats of re-exploitation.

In Singapore, Hagar is a registered charity and works closely with the government and other partner agencies to combat human trafficking in Singapore.


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