Empower a survivor

The emPOWER movement allows you to join thousands of generous givers who sponsor critical recovery services for survivors, giving them a chance to heal, and start a whole new life with renewed dignity and confidence.

For just $50 a month, you can empower trafficking survivors and exploited individuals with protection, trauma recovery, education, employment and reintegration support. Your monthly gift, pooled with funds from other donors will ensure continuous support to all survivors through Hagar’s recovery programmes. Designed for the long haul to reduce their vulnerability, these programmes help create a safer world for survivors and their future generations.

Hagar's Approach to Long-Term Holistic Recovery


Because there is no shortcut to healing and restoration, and Hagar is in it with the survivors for the long haul. A steady stream of donations will help ensure a sustainable funding flow to keep the various critical services going for a long time. The range of services is diverse and meets the immediate and critical needs of survivors who are at different stages of their recovery journey.

As a result of the extensive damage from extreme abuse, the journey to recovery takes time – sometimes years. Hagar’s long-term, individualised services through its comprehensive recovery care model ensures survivors do not only recover, but they would also be built up in knowledge and skills, and be empowered to reach their dreams for a brighter future.

As a monthly giver, you will have the opportunity to visit the work that Hagar does locally and globally and witness first-hand how your contribution is impacting the lives of survivors. On a regular basis, you will also be updated on the progress of the work through e-newsletters and annual publications, and get a chance to meet with fellow committed donors at forums, receptions and gatherings.

Your support enables us to build sustainable plans for these vulnerable survivors. Would you join us and be a lifeline to them? For just $50 a month, you can provide them with the necessary skills and support to start a whole new life. We need 300 monthly givers in 2017. That’s 1 new donor a day and we hope it can be YOU today!

Empower a survivor and walk the journey of recovery and restoration

Here’s why they choose to give regularly

“Giving to Hagar on a regular basis rather than a one-off gift helps me exercise good stewardship of my financial resources as it is a mid-term commitment which also ensures a relational aspect to this stewardship, so that I’ll continue to be reminded to support the work in other ways, whether it be prayer or other support. I believe in Hagar’s work of dignifying empowerment of the survivors of injustice.

~ Ronald Wong, monthly donor

Ronald JJ Wong