Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly

Faith in action

As followers of Jesus Christ, we share a passion for justice and helping the less fortunate. Like you, Hagar is committed to excellence in our work and being biblically thoughtful in our approach. Where we align in strategic priorities and theological grounding, committed church partnerships enable the pooling together of resources and creating a bigger impact in our work together.

Missions Partner

As a missions partner, your church is passionate about serving the poorest of the poor and vulnerable groups whose lives have been torn apart by extreme exploitation and abuse. Missions partnership with Hagar also provides opportunities for church members to organise overseas trips to marginalised communities in countries where Hagar serves.

In 2017, members from Bethesda Bedok-Tampines Church organised two separate mission trips to Cambodia. Recognising the lacking medical support for children living in the poor areas of Phnom Penh, one team made up of over 30 medical practitioners and healthcare volunteers went there to provide health and dental screening to students in Hagar Community Learning Centre and community clients. Following that, a second team of 23 church members and their children organised a week of educational activities for the Cambodia students and kick-started the construction of a vegetable garden in the school compound. Watching the sprouting leaves of the growing vegetables, the students were absolutely thrilled and grateful to the Singapore teams for giving them a chance to a sustainable healthy diet; something they could only have dreamed of in the past.

World Revival Prayer Fellowship (WRPF) was amongst one of the few institutions that provided the first seed monies to set up the Hagar operations in 1994. The founding members of the Church were also involved in building the very first shelter for Hagar in Cambodia. Now, after more than 20 years, WRPF remains highly supportive of Hagar and continues to give generously to the ministry’s needs and programmes around the world.

If our cause resonates with your church and heartbeat, we would love to have a chat with you. Contact us today.

Awareness Initiatives

Bringing to light the issues and plight of survivors is a great first step! For effective response, it starts with building a community that is aware of trafficking crimes, where every Christian is equipped with knowledge on how one can play a part in tackling crimes against humanity.

Adam Road Presbyterian Church, Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church, New Life Baptist Church, and Singapore Bible College are amongst some of many others that have proactively engaged their members in these issues by organising opportunities for Hagar to speak at their missions conferences, weekend services or special group events. Send a speaking request via our contact us page and we will be in touch with you.

Group Fundraising

Fundraising and awareness initiatives can be carried out in conjunction with church or Christian events or led by church members within their cell groups.

Bethesda Frankel Estate Church invited Hagar to speak at the church service and set up a booth during their missions weekend where members learned more about different causes and participated in giving financially to Hagar’s programmes for survivors.

After learning about human trafficking through HAGAR’s outreach efforts in Singapore, Pastor Paul from Geylang Church of Christ shared HAGAR’s work with his congregation and committed the week’s offering to supporting those in HAGAR’s care.

A strong supporter of social causes, Barker Road Methodist Church, during their 60th year anniversary selected Hagar as one of three recipients of a special collection of funds designated for mission organisations. Prior to the week’s collection, the Church publicised Hagar’s work in their service bulletins and announcement boards to promote awareness of the cause.

Your funds enable Hagar to provide our beneficiaries with the much-needed support to help them recover and start life anew. Get together with your cell group and organise a fundraising project. Besides raising practical funds, it would make a fantastic cell bonding activity. Drop us a line and share with us the project on your mind!

Prayer Support

As Christians, we believe in the transformative power of prayer to shape lives. Our message to survivors of abuse is inherently one of restoration and hope – that broken lives can be made whole.

Please download our prayer points and commit these to personal or corporate prayer.

Help us transform lives

Join HAGAR to empower survivors of trafficking and abuse to start a new life.

Help us transform lives

Join HAGAR to empower survivors of trafficking and abuse to start a new life.

Help us transform lives

Join HAGAR to empower survivors of trafficking and abuse to start a new life.

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