White Wine Wednesday, a charity wine event fully championed by a corporate individual

Championed fully by a corporate individual, the evening raised some $20,000 as many guests turned up to learn more about HAGAR’s work and how they can be a partner in contributing to the efforts to help restore lives torn apart by trafficking and other forms of extreme abuse.

Sombre moments could be felt as guests learnt of the immense atrocities that occur globally and in Singapore, and many were inspired to take action with some pledging their contributions as individuals and as corporates.
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Held at Dempsey’s iconic Red Sea Gallery, guests enjoyed an evening of free-flow wines and tantalising canapés in the company of a fine collection of artworks for a meaningful social cause.

We are greatly encouraged by passionate individuals who take it upon themselves to champion the cause of Hagar’s work and rally their friends, colleagues, clients, customers and personal networks, in a bid to spread the message and to garner support for victims. HAGAR provides trauma-informed recovery support services to women and children who have endured extreme human rights abuses, particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. Recovery takes time but we remain hopeful to see them able to stand on their feet again, empowered to pursue their dreams. Click here to make a donation to support survivors in their recovery phase.

If you are keen to explore supporting Hagar by organising a personal fundraising or networking event, drop us a note at singapore@hagarinternational.org and we will be in touch. For those who are interested but are unsure on how to get started, we will be happy to arrange for someone who has done this before to speak with you and share their personal experience.

On behalf of the Hagar-assisted beneficiaries and their families, thank you for your generosity in caring and giving.


Hagar Singapore is a registered charity under the Singapore Charities Act. Donations to Hagar Singapore do not benefit from tax exemption and deductibles as the gifts are used for a global charitable purpose beyond helping the Singapore community.

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