Invest in Her. Empower Possibilities.

Invest in Women. Invest in Possibilities.

30 Years of Changing Lives

In a world where slavery is still impacting more than 40.3 million people, women and girls are bearing the brunt of human trafficking, slavery and abuse. Since 1994, HAGAR has been at the forefront of the fight against human trafficking, offering survivors, and those at risk, a path to healing and economic empowerment through our work in Cambodia, Vietnam Afghanistan, and Singapore. This year, as we turn 30, we spotlight the recovery of  survivors whom our donors have made possible through their regular giving. There are some 300 women and children who are in critical conditions right now, and we need your help


27 years old, Cambodia

On the brink of death, Danet fought bravely against lupus, an autoimmune disease that caused multi-system organ failure to her kidney and liver. A young orphan, Danet had been in HAGAR’s foster care programme since she was a child. She underwent multiple surgeries in 2016. Doctors weren’t optimistic about her recovery, but Danet had big dreams for her future. She had just completed high school then and wanted to study in university. The post-op treatment plan was intense but she persevered and juggled her studies in university and medical appointments. HAGAR helped her financially and also ensured her well-being throughout the treatment period.

Today, Danet is working as a teacher. Beyond that, she’s a young and inspiring advocate in her community, and is currently supporting Hagar Cambodia in their survivor leadership programmes to combat modern slavery . 


34 years old, Afghanistan

Lailuma faced extreme hardships and adversity throughout her life, and she further despaired when the Taliban took over control in 2021, imposing severe restrictions on women’s rights. She had been eagerly anticipating the start of her university learning to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

In desperation, Lailuma’s mother sold her to a 60-year old shopkeeper who extended food credit to the family. Lailuma experienced gender-based violence as she was subjected to domestic servitude.

HAGAR’s intervention was a turning point for Lailuma. She received counselling and psychological support to overcome her trauma. Lailuma was also enrolled in HAGAR’s Rebuilding Livelihood (RLL) project, which provided vocational training in tailoring and business development, empowering Lailuma to pursue a career in business and transform her life.

Now, Lailuma is a beacon of hope, leading the successful Dashte Barchi tailoring cooperative providing employment and economic opportunities for women. Lailuma has been expanding the cooperative’s impact by exploring new markets and product lines. Supported by HAGAR, she overcame adversity and now inspires other women to pursue their dreams.

Invest in her future

Invest in the possibilities that lie ahead of her. Empower her future and watch her bloom as she achieves her goals.


27 years old, Singapore (Bangladesh)

Exploited and trafficked to Singapore, young Arianna was deceived into working a Singapore by a false job offer that promised her a better life where she could put food on the table for her younger siblings, and send them to school, and also support her mother’s needed health medication.

Instead of working as a dance teacher, Arianna was forced to work in a nightclub. Upon rescue and referred to HAGAR by the Singapore authorities, Arianna regained her self-worth and developed resilience through the consistent trauma-informed counselling and care. Mildly educated, she also learnt English and digital literacy skills, which helped her land a job in a multinational HR firm in Singapore.

Today, she is back home in Bangladesh, doing a small business to support the family and her mother’s worsening health conditions. HAGAR continues to support her and helps her to look out for economic opportunities.


38 years old, Vietnam

Desperate to feed her two young children, Mi found herself in the crosshairs of traffickers. Exploiting her circumstances, the traffickers deceived Mi with a job offer and sold her into slavery to a family in China. She endured years of violence and abuse, and miraculously escaped through a chance encounter on social media.

HAGAR provided psychological support and care to Mi, helping her to regain her self confidence and to make plans to build a sustainable livelihood. The goat rearing initiative was a success and Mi grew the flock to four times the original number that she was given.

Today, Mi is an advocate for HAGAR, bravely sharing her story so that others won’t be deceived like how she was. She has high hopes for her children and works hard to send them to school so they can have a better life in future.

Invest in her future

Together, we can create more possibilities for women and girls to be empowered and find freedom from exploitation. Her possibilities are limitless!

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