Dear HAGAR supporters,

You would have seen in recent days the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. The United Nations currently estimates that approximately 550,780 people across the country are displaced and without shelter, food and water.

HAGAR believes in doing “whatever it takes, for as long as it takes,” and as a result we have had a long history successfully working to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. Given our important humanitarian agenda, we have assurances that our significant life-changing work will continue and we are committed to serving the people in Afghanistan.

Working with other NGOs when possible, the Hagar Afghanistan team will be focusing on providing 4 key relief activities to approximately 13,000 displaced women and children in Kabul.

  1. Food Provision: Giving food aid and basic essentials to existing clients and other vulnerable individuals and families who are currently displaced or whose livelihoods have been severely impacted.
  2. Healthcare: Providing primary healthcare for displaced persons, which includes establishing and running a mobile medical clinic under the care of HAGAR’s in-house doctor.
  3. Emergency Shelter: Establishing an emergency shelter, targetting at-risk homeless girls and women who are significantly more vulnerable at this time. The team in Afghanistan have shared about the rapid increase in women who are begging on the streets, desperate for any bread or cash that they can find.
  4. Safe Spaces: Setting up child-friendly spaces for displaced young children, where they can continue to learn, play and feel safe.
Each of these activities will provide practical and essential help to those currently in desperate situations.

Due to the extraordinary nature of this unexpected situation in Afghanistan, none of these activities were budgeted for this year and so, we are calling for your support! At this point, work on food distribution and healthcare delivery to displaced persons has already started; our rapid assessment shows we need $500,000 USD (approx. $700,000 SGD) to implement all 4 of these activities in the coming months.

A donation from you today will help make sure these activities can be implemented and will be directed to where it is most needed. Please join our response today.

We are grateful for your compassion for those we work with. Stay tuned to this page as we will be providing regular updates on developments on the ground, and the progress with these relief activities.
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