The work of HAGAR cannot be done alone. And we are always glad to welcome partners who are willing to join us in restoring and empowering broken lives to wholeness.

If you have a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, an Advocacy Network or a Rights Watch Group, a Missions Team, or you are a bunch of like-minded individuals with a passion for bringing hope and smiles to the marginalised, THIS IS FOR YOU!

Together with our partners in Singapore, HAGAR organises activities and programmes that allow the women to heal and thrive. At the same time, the groups also get to be part of the process as the survivors confront their pain and fears, and begin to build hope for their dreams and their future. Amidst the tears, there are also joyous cheers and laughter when survivors feel safe in an environment where they can be honest and vulnerable.


The team from Geylang Evangelical Free Church has planned absolutely delightful programmes allowing the ladies an avenue to express their feelings to their family, to the ones who inspire them, helping them find strength and hope as they hold on to their loved ones back home.

An annual activity for the staff of Goldman Sachs, the Community Team Works spend half of their day with our clients letting loose as they hit the bowling lanes with loud screams and peals of laughter. This is a leisurely game that the ladies will probably never get to enjoy back home and being totally foreign to them, it sets a level playing ground where everyone just has their own share of victorious strikes and hilarious plays. But they are safe to laugh at themselves and the Goldman team enthusiastically encourages them to continue and not give up – akin to their journey in life and their recovery.

Partnerships article content Groups from Thomson Reuters and even individuals from Deutsche Bank have also organised games and parties for the girls, lunchtime bake sales and even a private evening of wine to raise funds in support of the recovery work here in Singapore and also in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Regardless of the nature of the activity, there is always a rehabilitative element where life lessons can be drawn to help them regain trust and rebuild their self-worth. So do not underestimate the reach of your time and effort – the impact it has on an individual life is profound!


Partnerships for good

Drop us a message if your company or church is interested to join HAGAR in changing the world of these women.

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