Every woman and child whom Hagar cares for has faced horrifying abuse and betrayal. For each, feeling safe and secure emotionally is critical to the whole recovery process. To enable restoration in a holistic manner, it is about helping each one of them discover their value and self-worth. For them, it is learning how to build trust and healthy relationships despite having suffered betrayal and manipulation.

Through the sponsorship and support from various corporate partners and churches, many of our girls have had the opportunity to visit many places of interest in Singapore and participate in meaningful sporting events, and training workshops. The outcome from these engagement activities is a renewed confidence, a healing heart and a recovering self-esteem.

You too can be a part of their journey to restoration. If your organisation is looking to organise meaningful activities to benefit vulnerable persons through your community teams, women’s network, missions or cell groups, please do not hesitate to drop us a message and we will get in touch soon!


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