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With more than 45 million slaves in the world, human trafficking ranks the 3rd most lucrative illegal trade generating 150 billion dollars annually.

More than half of the victims are women and a third are children. Traffickers exploit them sexually, for forced labour and domestic servitude. The kind of atrocities they suffer are inhumane and cruel, resulting in deep damage and extensive battering psychologically, emotionally, mentally and physically.

For victims who have suffered such extreme cruelty, is it ever possible to bind up their wounds and live life again with hope and dignity?

Hagar’s holistic model of recovery is a long-term approach to recovery. Such wounds take extremely long to heal and Hagar is committed to walk the full journey to wholeness doing whatever it takes to restore their lives. More than restoration, we want to help them thrive and see them stand back up on their feet again. Designed for the long haul to reduce their vulnerability, these programmes help create a safer world for survivors and their future generations.

Hagar's Approach to Long-Term Holistic Recovery

By signing up for the emPOWER movement, you will join thousands of generous givers in Singapore in giving these victims a chance to heal, and start a whole new life with renewed dignity and confidence. With just $50 a month, you can empower trafficking survivors and exploited individuals with protection, trauma recovery, education, employment and reintegration support. Your monthly gift, pooled with funds from other donors will ensure continuous support to all survivors through Hagar’s recovery programmes.

emPOWER a survivor and enable her with skills to start a whole new life!

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