Celebrating International Women's Day on 3 March 2018

3 March 2018 – Empower a girl, and you will save her entire generation!

Bearing their own style, these classy women have forged their unique paths in life. Yet each of them converge on a profound determination to step out of their comfort zone, or stick their heels in when faced with tough challenges.

And this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the lives of these extraordinary women.


Putting on hold a well-paying job, our faithful donor Deborah is dedicating 6 months to volunteer with HAGAR in the Singapore office. With her well-honed skills in finance, writing and communications, Deborah is helping to implement industry best practices and sourcing for solutions that meet the organisation’s needs. Other than contributing her professional experience to the corporate functions, Deborah decided recently to help out as a befriender to the beneficiaries. For a person with a task-oriented personality, the befriending work has proved to be tougher than she had imagined. Read Deborah’s musings as she sat through the training session.


Sreyna was born after the Khmer Rouge in 1980. Her growing years was spent living with her parents in a refugee camp. Till this day, she could not shake off the images of people dying and the cries of women and children she had experienced in the camp. When she and her mother were finally released and sent back to Cambodia, her father remarried and kicked them out of the house. Having personally undergone the psychological impacts of war, she decided to give her life to caring for women and children in crisis. Started out as a counsellor with HAGAR more than 10 years ago, Sreyna now manages the care plans of all the women and children who are recovering under HAGAR’s care. With the gift of seeing the best in everyone, Sreyna has inspired many with her aggressively positive and caring nature and an unbending belief in every individual. If you could meet her, you would nod your head in absolute agreement. Watch this video in which she speaks fondly of her hero who has shaped her values.


It wasn’t an easy decision but Tranh decided finally to leave her abusive husband and raise her son on her own. When Tranh was a child, she had witnessed daily violent outbursts when her dad would beat mom. Growing up in Vietnam, the only trait she desired in her husband was kindness and Huy was always gentle and kind, or so she thought. After their marriage, her husband turned to alcohol and began beating Tranh. The last straw came when Huy threatened the safety of her son. Although leaving her husband meant she would have to raise her son all by herself with no family support and bear with the social discrimination from her local community, she eventually plucked her courage to pursue freedom for her son’s sake. Find out how Tranh is doing today in this video story.

The common thread weaving through these 3 women is not just their gender, but the stereotype bias that each one broke out of, the desire to uplift another, and ultimately inspiring others around them as they walk the less-trodden path.

Success may not always be in wealth, fame, or status. And for these heroines, their definition of success is measured in the widest smiles, wildest dreams and brightest hopes.

Just like Deborah, Tranh and Sreyna, we invite you to make a difference for someone else. Whatever your resources may be, be it finances, skills, time or connections, many families will benefit from your act of kindness and generosity, as you take that step today.

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