When we are sick, we go and see a doctor. Medical treatment is relatively affordable and readily accessible in Singapore.

But for many children living in impoverished conditions in Cambodia, medical care is far from their reach; something that they can only dream of.

Appeal for Healthcare and Nutrition

In December 2017, a team of Singapore doctors visited the kids at the HAGAR Community Learning Centre in Cambodia. Through the health screening conducted by the medical team, 40% of the children are found to have medical conditions. A number require treatment urgently and we hope you can help.

Currently, 76 kids are affected. And 120 students are in need of fortified foods to treat malnutrition and improve their developmental growth.

The students come from backgrounds of poverty and abuse. Some are survivors of trafficking who have missed out on their schooling years as a result of being taken captive by the traffickers. There are others who have suffered extreme exploitation and abuse by their relatives or people they know. Their families are poor and can hardly provide 3 meals for the children.

Your contribution of $100, $200 or $500 will ensure the children will receive the much-needed medical assistance and nutritional attention to get well and stay healthy in the long run.

Here’s the impact of your giving:

  • $100 can provide critical treatment to children with asthma
  • $360 can improve the physical and mental development of 2 malnourished children
  • $840 can treat 5 children with eye diseases

Please consider making an urgent gift today and choose how you would like to help. Thank you for caring, and being a blessing to these who have little.

Provide medical treatment button to kids with healthcare needs Provide nutritious soy milk to undernourished kids Provide nutrition and healthcare to kids in need

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