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Watch out for our next season of gifts in the upcoming catalogue that you can buy to express your encouragement and support for the women and girls who have survived extreme human abuses. Their stories are real. Their fears are real. Sophea is real.

Sophea was sold before she turned 4. From the hands of her mother who treated her cruelly, her father sold her to a family who brutally bashed and starved her. The family robbed her of her childhood and her education, putting her to tend the cows while the other children went to school.

Sold as a slave from one family to another, this went on for years until a family visitor spoke about a Christian dormitory an hour away and invited her to go study and live there. Arriving at Hagar brought a sense of relief and joy. She was safe and she had foster parents who loved her and who gave her an opportunity to education. She was finally able to go to school and learn and make friends.

The years after she rediscovered her soul through Hagar was filled with hope and confidence as she developed ambitions and skills. Her past would sometimes catch up but through her friendships with the other girls in Hagar’s care, she drew strength knowing that they are all walking the journey of recovery together and supporting each other to reach for their dreams.

The Catalogue features an array of items that shout hope and care for girls like Sophea. Stop by and give transformational change to someone who is searching for a glimmer of light.

In addition, pick up some gift certificates for your loved ones so that they too can share the gift of hope!

Coming your way in November! Stay tuned and do drop us a message if you would like to request for copies of the 2017 Gift Catalogue!

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