Vulnerable communities pushed into desperation as cost of living crisis deepens

Rising costs around the world have driven vulnerable communities further into extreme poverty, weakening food security and diminishing health and social care.

Coupled with impacts of increased conflicts, natural disasters and political instability, victims of human trafficking and displaced women and children that HAGAR walks with each and every day are hit the hardest in the ongoing humanitarian crises.

Since the start of the year, we have seen poverty worsening amongst vulnerable communities in Cambodia and Vietnam with the widespread increase in cost of living. And in Afghanistan – while conflict may have largely subsided following the Taliban’s takeover 2 years ago, rising prices, a collapsing economy, and ever-increasing restrictions on the rights of women and girls continue to cause misery for the most vulnerable Afghans.

We urgently need to raise $400,000 by 30 September to avoid the risk of having to cut programmes and services food aid, critical shelter and health services for our beneficiaries in these countries.
In 2022, our HAGAR teams in Cambodia, Vietnam and Afghanistan ramped up deliveries to support over 664,000 survivors of trafficking and abuse. However, we have been struggling to support the growing numbers and increased needs of women and children who are going through extremely difficult circumstances. Forced from their homes, hungry and desperate to survive another day, more and more vulnerable women and children are falling into the hands of criminal syndicates and fraudulent agents, and subjected to the abuse of human trafficking and violence.

Your donation will enable HAGAR to continue providing survivors with critical services in the form of emergency shelter, food and healthcare, trauma-informed counselling, legal support, education, skills training and livelihood assistance to achieve economic independence in the long run.

We cannot thank you enough for your support in this critical time!
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