Broken But Beautiful

Cau is a talented artist and has been painting and drawing since young. It has always been her way of expressing how she feels and her gratitude to others. Most recently, it has become an avenue for her recovery.

About ten months ago, Cau was sold to China. Ever since she returned to Vietnam, she has not been able to speak about it and has never shared with anyone about what happened during the time she was there. Hagar has been patiently encouraging her and helping her, waiting for her to be able to talk about her ordeal so that we can better help her.

19 year old Cau survivor of human trafficking

Her family and local community did not ask her any further and thankfully, they do not judge her for the period she had gone missing. Cau’s family is poor and they live on a small plot of land for agriculture. Her parents recognise that education is important and encourage their three daughters to go to school so they can have a better future. Her eldest sister is studying in the university in another province and her second sister has a scholarship to study at the public school. Cau is studying hard at Grade 12 in high school, but she worries that her parents might not be able to support all three of them through their full education because the college fees are expensive.

Cau’s talent for painting and drawing was cultivated through self-learning, so she was excited to hear about the art and self-portrait workshops organised by Hagar. Her therapist was greatly encouraged to see her keen interest and desire to learn from the professionals.

Hagar has been working with Cau to develop a study plan so that she can prepare for her university entrance exam in July. Her house is in a remote mountainous area which makes it extremely difficult for her to receive study materials. Hagar has been able to locate volunteers who are willing to teach her through the Internet, but this has been hampered by the limited access she can get via her phone.

Even so, this will not stop Cau and she is determined to work hard to achieve her dream of becoming a painter. It is rare that we see such a strong desire in a person who wants to fulfill their aspiration, and we are so proud of her for remaining positive and strong despite what she encountered.

Young Vietnamese women are a prime target for traffickers who are looking to smuggle women into China as brides to Chinese men offering a fee for a wife. The local government has been stepping up efforts to inform locals of the ploys that traffickers use to deceive them. Hagar has been conducting awareness and advocacy workshops in rural communities in the mountainous agriculture-based province of Yen Bai, teaching the women how to protect themselves.

With just $50 a month, you can help girls like Cau in their journey of recovery, providing them with the necessary skills and support to start a whole new life.

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