Child lights candle at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul Candles are lit at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photograph: Jawal Jalali/EPA

Relatives of those killed in the suicide bomb attack have begun the funeral rites. A suicide bomb attack on July 23 was targeted at the Hazara minority group who had been taking part in a peaceful demonstration. The attack left more than 80 dead and wounded at least 230.

Our staff have confirmed that everyone is safe, including staff, clients and family members. Hagar’s Transitional Care Centre (TCC) and the Boys Home are also safe and sound as they are situated away from where the bomb attack took place.

The Hagar Afghanistan office has been closed as it is near to the site of the attack, where mourners and protestors have gathered to keep candlelight vigil and to request for arrangements in memory of those killed. We stand in solidarity with the people of Kabul in their period of grief and loss and may the comfort of God be with the grieving family members.

Do keep the bereaved relatives in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn for the loss of their loved ones.

Hagar has been working in Afghanistan, where there is widespread trafficking, forced marriage practices and bonded labour. Oftentimes, women and children are the victims as they have no access to protection and security. Most of them have no home to return to as they face persistent violence. With only four agencies providing residential services, the help they can get is grossly limited.

Boys Group Home – Forgotten No More

While much is heard about women and girls being trafficked for sexual and economic exploitation, little is known about boys. Trafficking amongst boys is prevalent in Afghanistan.

Hagar’s Forgotten No More boys’ recovery programme assists clients towards safe reintegration within their families – equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to be confident and active participants in their communities. While in the group home, house-parents along with a caseworker and counsellor will guide them through an individualised healing process.

Hagar Transitional Care Centre

Women and girls seek refuge at the Hagar TCC. Many have been victims of gender-based violence or other human rights abuses. They face threats of violence, exploitation and sometimes, even death. Our staff work tirelessly on the ground to ensure that they get the assistance they need to self-sustainability and economic security.

From the simplest things like meals and clean sheets – to complex ones like post-trauma counselling, education and literacy, access to legal representation and healthcare, we strive to help them transform from being victims of abuse to becoming resilient and active members of society.

Hagar remains committed to those who seek refuge and have been appealing for donations to expand the capacity of the TCC so that we can care for more victims. The solutions available are limited and there are many more who seek assistance but are unable to get help. Our work is dependent on charitable giving from people like you. You can help by making a donation here. Please indicate “TCC Afghan” in the comments box so that your money is correctly channelled. On behalf of all those who will be assisted, thank you!

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