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Millions of people remain trapped and enslaved today. Exploited by ruthless businessmen for illicit gains and family members who betrayed their trust, every one of them hopes for the day they are rescued and safe.

Women like Minh who wanted only to give their elderly parents a comfortable life but tricked into Singapore for sex work. Girls like Bopha who had their innocence robbed at the young age of six. Daughters like Nishad who wanted to pay for the medication and treatment to see her father become well but was starved and forced to provide sexual services to men in Geylang. Sisters like Priya who wished to pay for the school fees for her younger siblings so they could have an education but was coerced to do more than just sing and dance. Mothers like Amena whose dream of a blissful marriage turned into a nightmare when her husband abused and raped her and their children.

Likewise, there are also many kind-hearted Samaritans, who like you, want to use their resources to help others. Dedicated volunteers who have skills and time to offer. Passionate staff that turn up for work every day despite the dangers their lives are in, especially in countries like Afghanistan where bombing attacks happen without warning. Committed donors who give regularly regardless of the economy status.

By joining hands, we can create a safety net that can encourage survivors and provide them with the necessary recovery support services that will help them stand back up on their feet again.

With as little as $1.70 a day, you can empower a trafficked survivor to start a whole new life.

If you knew the choices you make today would impact or decide the future of another person – what would you choose?

Launching on March 8, stay tuned for how you can help to make a difference through the EMPOWER movement!

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