2016 in review

Through the support and generous giving of our donors and partners, we have achieved much in the area of care and recovery for our beneficiaries. Some of the key events are highlighted below and we are grateful for each of you who have given or supported financially, with your skills, through your time, or by sharing and being an advocate on behalf of the women and children we help.

Launch of Legal Toolkit in Cambodia >>
The legal toolkit was successfully launched and well-received by the local government. The objective of the toolkit is to reduce the risk of re-traumatisation and to improve the well-being of child victims and witnesses as they traverse the legal processes in the Cambodian judicial system. Unfortunately, the system that is meant to protect them is not performing this function too well and Hagar hopes to turn this around so that the courts can be a safe place for children to speak freely.

Hagar Remains Committed to the Women in Afghanistan >>
In the midst of escalating violence and tension, the city of Kabul has seen an unprecedented number of civilian casualties as a result of growing conflict within the country. Hagar operates the Transitional Care Centre offering safe refuge to women who seek assistance, often under extremely distressing circumstances. The dedication of the staff is commendable as some risk their very lives and personal safety to help the women achieve economic freedom and security. However, because of the limited resources that Hagar has, many have no alternative and return to their dire predicament. We hope to be able to do more to better assist them and help more women who are in need.

Tackling Human Trafficking in Singapore >>
Since the start of the Trauma Recovery and Safe Transit Resettlement programme for women who have been trafficked into Singapore for exploitation, Hagar has successfully reintegrated survivors back to their hometowns in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. While these women wait here for their court cases to be over, we help them build their confidence and self-worth, teach them English and vocational skills that they can use in the future, and source for income-generating opportunities so they can some money. When they are finally able to return home, we help to ensure a smooth transition and partner with local help agencies in their home countries to minimise any possibility of re-exploitation.

Emergency Medical Attention for Danet >>
Thanks to the many kind donors who gave generously to the appeal for Danet’s medical treatment, she was able to pull through the brink of death. Any later and we might have lost a precious life. Doctors at the Royal Hospital of Phnom Penh diagnosed her condition as systemic lupus and prescribed the appropriate treatment to address her immediate symptoms that were inducing much pain and misery. Her condition is now under control and she is undergoing a treatment plan for longer-term management while she studies. Danet has dreams of helping people in the area of healthcare and aspires to be a doctor or a nurse. We had the privilege of meeting her in December and hearing from this strong girl who holds a positive attitude and a fierce desire to live.

Inaugural Hagar Singapore Donor Trip >>
Eleven individuals comprising donors, volunteers and partners visited Hagar’s recovery programmes in Cambodia to see for themselves how exactly Hagar is making an impact on the ground through the various interventions and programmes and how donor funds are being used. Transparency is an important value that we at Hagar subscribe to, because it reinforces the integrity of the work that we do that donors would feel at ease knowing how their monies are being used. Such trips are organised at least once a year and we invite donors to join us so that they can have the firsthand experience and witness how Hagar is making a difference. Upcoming details will be sent to your mailbox so do look out for it!

World Revival Prayer Fellowship Church Makes Its Second Debut >>
Contributing to the seed money that started the work of Hagar back in 1994, members from the World Revival Prayer Fellowship church took a trip down memory lane to visit the foster families and hear from former clients about how the work of Hagar has made a positive and lasting impact on their lives. Three of the pioneers from that early group met with the founder of Hagar, Pierre Tami, and it was a heartwarming reunion for the men who had given their sweat and physical labour to this work. Hagar is grateful for the continued partnership with the church as the visit reinforced their commitment to the work in helping women and children who have experienced extreme human rights abuse.

Successful Charity Golf >>
144 golfers turned up despite the grey skies to swing into action for a meaningful social cause. Hagar is extremely grateful for the strong team of sponsors that made the event a resounding success. The golfers played their hearts out and participated in various novelty games on the course that were fully supported by committed volunteers who did not back out in the face of bad weather. Everyone remained enthusiastic in their areas of help, contributing to the success of the event. Watch out for the next charity golf that will be held on 14 July 2017! More information coming soon.

Run for Freedom >>
Marking the first run for Hagar Singapore, seven runners took up a personal challenge to run and to raise funds in support of survivors of trafficking and abuse. While six raced through the ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, one brave lady faced the full 42km marathon in the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. Each one had their own battles as they refused to stop but pressed on to reach the finishing line! A total of $20,425 was raised through the runners and we want to shout out a loud THANK YOU to them and their friends who have given generously in support of their cause. Stay tuned for registration details of the 2017 Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. Sign up early and be part of the Singapore contingent!

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