Update on Afghanistan, Kabul

Child lights candle at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul Candles are lit at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photograph: Jawal Jalali/EPA

Following the suicide bomb attack on 23 July 2016, the city of Kabul faces increasing unrest and an unprecedented number of civilian casualties as a result of escalating conflict within the country. Safety and security remains a pertinent issue, especially with the rise of ISIS and the numerous security incidents occurring within Kabul and countrywide.

Through the Transitional Care Centre, Hagar provides safe shelter, recovery from trauma, education and economic empowerment, and ultimately helps the women to safely reintegrate back to the community of their choice. Because of the dire need for security and protection, Hagar has implemented a strong security policy and daily checks are conducted to minimise any potential risks. Staff movement is also limited as a precaution.

Women who come to seek refuge at the Centre often require a long period of recovery after their extremely distressing and traumatic experience. We are proud to have served and provided support to 13 women and 22 children in 2016. 12 new clients were admitted during this period through referrals by Hagar’s key partners, and they are now accessing recovery services in a safe and protected environment.

But there are many more who need help. With the limited number of agencies providing such assistance, many return to their debilitating circumstances and continue to bear the brunt of violence, humiliation and shame in their homes.

Funding to the Centre is limited and there is presently no government or international grant to meet the critical needs of the women and children living there. The Centre is operated on the donations of Hagar’s partners and supporters.

Here’s how you can help

An immediate need is to raise US $8,000 to assist Fatana and her 6 children as they reintegrate back into their community. Fatana is not yet fully independent and still needs some help, but the goal is to empower her to be able to provide for the family and raise her children.

The Centre’s maximum capacity is 30 and it is currently a tight squeeze for all 35 women and children. Funding would be needed to ensure that the Centre continues running and that all residents receive their nutrition, rest, medical care, counselling, education and training so that they will be able to recover well and be fully restored to wholeness.

For just $50 a month, you can make a difference to 30 women and children, who live in fear and shame, but who are on the road to restoration and wholeness.

Alternatively, you can make a one-time donation as well. Please indicate “TCC Afghan” in the comments box so that your money is correctly channelled.

Your generous giving will go a long way to helping this often forgotten group. Hagar remains committed to the exploited and marginalised community of women and children in Afghanistan and we are extremely grateful for all donations because no amount is too small to make a difference!