2016 In A Flash

2016 in review

Through the support and generous giving of our donors and partners, we have achieved much in the area of care and recovery for our beneficiaries. Some of the key events are highlighted below and we are grateful for each of you who have given or supported financially, with your skills,...

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Happy Bellies for Brighter Futures

Food appeal article featured image

At Hagar’s Community Learning Centre in Cambodia, all of the students who attend our school come from low-income families. Unlike children who grew up and live under “normal” circumstances, these children have suffered trafficking and severe abuse and as a result, they have missed many years of schooling. Hagar provides...

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Update on Afghanistan, Kabul

Kabul in Mourning Featured Image

Candles are lit at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photograph: Jawal Jalali/EPA

Following the suicide bomb attack on 23 July 2016, the city of Kabul faces increasing unrest and an unprecedented number of civilian casualties as a result of escalating...

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Rebuilding Broken Lives

Sophea Article Featured Image

This is Sophea.

Sophea grew up at the back of a market. Her life was not easy.

"My mother was cruel and hit me whenever I did something wrong. At times I thought she might not be my real mother because she was so cruel towards me. My father...

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Emergency Medical Fund for Danet

Danet article featured image


Final update

Danet has been doing well and is now moving on to the recovery and rehabilitation plan that the lupus specialist has developed for her. The total cost of her treatment, emergency procedures and rehabilitation needs amounted to a staggering USD $20,000.

But thanks to the many kind donors who have...

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