Freedom from the Prison of Guilt and Violence

Mahida was acquainted with violence from an early age, when an enemy of her family attacked them with an explosion, resulting in the death of her sister. When Mahida’s father passed away, her mother remarried to an older man who already had eight children with another woman.

When she was...

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Broken But Beautiful

Cau article featured image

Cau is a talented artist and has been painting and drawing since young. It has always been her way of expressing how she feels and her gratitude to others. Most recently, it has become an avenue for her recovery.

About ten months ago, Cau was sold to China. Ever since she...

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Sowing Into the Lives of Trafficked Survivors

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In Singapore, Hagar provides trauma recovery and resettlement support to women who have been trafficked into the country for labour and sexual exploitation. The women are primarily from the Asia region and most have little or no formal education. Their similarity is in their desire to build a better future...

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Because Every Single Life Matters

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Millions of people remain trapped and enslaved today. Exploited by ruthless businessmen for illicit gains and family members who betrayed their trust, every one of them hopes for the day they are rescued and safe.

Women like Minh who wanted only to give their elderly parents a comfortable...

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Being Hopeful Even in the Face of Injustice

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

The sixteen-year-old hesitated for a moment, her dark brows furrowing as she pouted her lips, deep in thought. We glanced at each other, worried. Was it too soon? It was indeed a normal question to ask any teenager on the brink...

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