Finding Wellness in the Soul

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Every woman and child whom Hagar cares for has faced horrifying abuse and betrayal. For each, feeling safe and secure emotionally is critical to the whole recovery process. To enable restoration in a holistic manner, it is about helping each one of them discover their value and self-worth. For them,...

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Trafficking In Persons Report 2016

Trafficking in Persons Report 2016

Please join us to pause for a moment to remember the millions of people who have fallen prey to trafficking because of unscrupulous smugglers who exploit their vulnerabilities for their own profit. The human trafficking trade generates $150 billion each year in illegal profits and many have fallen prey...

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Proud to be a Girl


"I love staying at home. I feel safe here, there's a good feeling of warmth and love."

13-year-old Rita and her 11-year-old sister Nika reintegrated back into their home six months ago, after spending three years at Hagar's Girls' Recovery Shelter and in foster care.

Three years ago, both girls were sexually...

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Collaborating to Heal and Build

At HAGAR, we are committed to do whatever it takes to see a broken life restored. And by that, it also means recognising the strengths of others and cooperating with them so that our clients have the best outcomes.

Our work is enabled by partner agencies, governments, corporates, institutions, churches, donors,...

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Kabul in Mourning after Suicide Bomb Attack

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Candles are lit at a memorial for the victims of the 23 July blast in Kabul, Afghanistan. Photograph: Jawal Jalali/EPA

Relatives of those killed in the suicide bomb attack have begun the funeral rites. A suicide bomb attack on July 23 was targeted at the Hazara minority...

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