Former Street Child Turns Medical Doctor

Street child turned medical doctor

12 September 2017 - 40 supporters and donors came together to hear from Dr Rithy and understand how his hope was renewed through the many years of support from HAGAR.

His sharing was filled with with many personal stories and intimate details of his childhood which was heartbreaking to hear. Abandoned...

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From Dust to Glory

Maryam_from dust to glory

At the age of 20, Maryam came to the HAGAR Transitional Care Centre (TCC) in Kabul city, following a lifetime of abuse and suffering.

Born to a refugee mother who died during childbirth, Maryam spent her childhood in Iran and Afghanistan after being adopted by an aunt and uncle. From the...

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Survivors of Human Trafficking Live to Tell Their Tale

27 August 2017
Lianhe Zaobao [link to original article]

Victims of human trafficking

Photo provided by Hagar Singapore

They left their hometown in search of a better life. On their arrival in a foreign land, they soon learnt that the reality was far from what they have...

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A Taste of the Truth

A Taste of the Truth

Held at the REDSEA Gallery in Dempsey Hill, the evening saw more than 70 people who turned up to learn more about the challenges that many women and children still face in our modern society today.

Singapore remains a popular transit hub and destination country for trafficking activities. Deceived by false...

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URGENT Plea to Save 2 Trafficked Girls and Their Family in Crisis

Appeal for Tania and Priya

HAGAR Singapore has been working to support Tania and Priya in their recovery journey for the last three years. Victims of sex trafficking, both girls have been struck by an unexpected crisis recently and we are calling out for urgent support to help them tide over this difficult period.


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