Polnath’s Story


Nath was one of the first women who came to Hagar in Cambodia seeking refuge. Her husband, an alcoholic, often beat and abused her. They wandered the streets homeless. That’s where Nath gave birth to her daughter. But when her husband died suddently, Nath was completely destitute and alone....

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Channa’s Journey Forward


My name is Channa*. I am 20 years-old and I will graduate from High School in three months. Before I came to Hagar, I was hopeless.
My parents divorced when my mom was two months pregnant with me. I grew up in Cambodia’s Kandal province with my mother...

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The Hard Truth About Recovery


The accusation is trafficking, the venue is a Cambodian court, the accused is a Hagar leader. At stake is the custody of a child who needs to stay safe and anonymous. How did it happen? Because, sometimes when a child is a key witness in a trial and the...

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Poverty is Not The Issue


"Why was she trafficked?"

"Because she came from a poor village...."

This kind of language seems ubiquitous in the rising conversation about trafficking around the world.  Somehow its becoming acceptable to blame trafficking on poverty and label poverty reduction programmes as prevention measures.

I am not a technical expert with a trail of...

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Prison is no place for a child to grow up


But as Hagar is learning, hundreds of children live with their parents in jail. They have little food, disease runs rampant, sanitation is poor, and opportunities for the future like schooling and work placements are non-existent. That doesn't begin to address the challenges for parents and children in reintegrating into...

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