URGENT Plea to Save 2 Trafficked Girls and Their Family in Crisis

Appeal for Tania and Priya

HAGAR Singapore has been working to support Tania and Priya in their recovery journey for the last three years. Victims of sex trafficking, both girls have been struck by an unexpected crisis recently and we are calling out for urgent support to help them tide over this difficult period.


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A Future Full of Light

Mariam - A Future Full of Light

Mariam’s story comes from a programme run by HAGAR Afghanistan, Empowering Women and girls toward Economic Participation (EWEP). An Afghan woman’s right to safe and sustainable work is almost non-existent, especially for those with backgrounds of violence and exploitation. EWEP seeks to bridge the gap for survivors to enter the...

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In Pursuit of Justice

What happens after a trafficked victim is rescued?
Why can’t they head home immediately after the rescue? Hagar Singapore explains this and more.

The trauma of being trafficked across borders into slavery and inhumane working conditions is undoubtedly immense. Adding to this mental and emotional pressure is...

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Trafficking in Persons Report 2017

2017 Trafficking In Persons report article featured image

Despite increasing efforts by the Singapore Government in prosecuting and convicting more traffickers and providing protective services to victims, Singapore continues to remain on Tier 2 in the 2017 Trafficking In Persons Report, showing the country does not fully meet the minimum standards for the...

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Our Families Will Always Be At Our Side

Our families will always be at our side

Hoa left her home in Vietnam and went to Malaysia with a friend three years ago in search of employment opportunities. She badly needed the money because dad was paralysed after a meeting with a motorbike accident and mom was in extreme distress that required treatment but the family could...

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