The Changing Fortunes of Afghan Women

Women received education and were given opportunities to pursue careers in the healthcare and civil service sectors. Women had a voice in politics and were given the right to vote. Women walked freely on the streets and wore knee-length skirts. Unbeknownst to most, this was the life of Afghan women...

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Life as a Woman in Afghanistan

"What is it like to be a woman in Afghanistan?"

Photo by Lizette Potgieter

A country ravaged by decades of war, conflict and violence, Afghanistan in 2017 was ranked among the five most dangerous countries in the world. In the first few months of this year alone, a string...

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Volunteers for HAGAR Charity Golf 2018

We are back for the 4th year this July! With a refreshing line-up of activities on the golf course, get ready for an exciting day of fun with like-minded folks, raring to make a difference!

A major endeavour, happening on 20 July 2018 at the Seletar Country Club, we are calling...

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Best Bargains… but At What Cost?

While we seek out the best bargains that we can lay our hands on and are proud of the deals we get, do we really know what is the cost of these deals?

Source: Human Rights Watch

The shirt or dress you picked out...

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Asymmetric power relations at the heart of labour exploitation

In February 2017, Channel News Asia published an article on sentencing of a man who had exploited more than 100 foreign workers. These workers were pressured into falsely declaring and accepting lower salaries than was promised on their work passes – if they refused they were told that they would...

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