• 14 fabric hearts cut from template
  • 7 smaller heart inners cut from template
  • 1.5m white cotton string
  • 22 beads to match the colour of the hearts


  • Scissors
  • Matching thread
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Pins


1. Cut 14 hearts from your chosen fabric using the large heart template. Make sure you don’t waste any fabric.


2. Place wadding in the middle of the two fabric hearts and pin in place. If the wadding is thin you might need two pieces.


3. Double thread your needle and tie a knot. Starting on the inside at the bottom of one of the hearts stitch the hearts together keeping .5cm from the edge the whole time.


4. Stitch around the whole heart, always keeping .5cm from the edge. Once you have come back to the bottom point, knot in between the hearts so it is hidden.


5. Knot one end of your 1.5m white cotton string and thread a needle onto the other end. Thread one bead onto the string, then a heart, placing the needle in from the bottom of the heart.


6. Thread a bead on and hold in place while you thread the needle through the beads hole again so it is secure. Repeat for two more beads, spreading them 2cm’s apart from each other.  There should be 8cm between each heart and 2cm between each bead.


7. Continue this process of threading a heart then three beads until you have threaded all 7 hearts and 22 beads. Tie a small loop in the top of the string after the last 3 beads so it can be hung easily.