It starts with being safe. Then the journey to wholeness can start.

Protecting each client can involve helping a woman or child secure identity cards and birth certificates, pursue legal action, testify in a court case, understand his or her rights, or provide other support to help them protect themselves.

Hagar works with governments and partner organizations to ensure the protection of the women and children in our care and trains police and civil society in how to respond.

It’s complicated, time-consuming and sometimes dangerous work. But protection services are a vital part of Hagar’s support for women and children.

Because that’s what it takes to restore broken lives to wholeness.


Going after perpetrators and bringing them to justice is a long and painful process. But Hagar does whatever it takes to secure justice for our clients. This is why more funding is needed for our Legal and Protection team. So we can support more clients in their pursuit for justice. You can help now by giving online.

The Whole Journey


It starts with being safe. Then the journey to wholeness can start.

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Surviving is not enough. A broken life must heal in order to be whole again.

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