Minh Rewrites Her Story

Image by Jeff Holt
My name is Minh. These days, I feel really happy. But that wasn’t always true. A few years ago everything was different.

I grew up in Northern Vietnam, right near the border of China. My sister and brothers raised me because our parents died when I was 13. Life was complicated and I dropped out of school to find work. That’s when my brother’s friend tricked me. He promised me good work. But then he sold me to China. I was only there for a year, but every moment was horrible.


Thankfully, I was rescued and returned home. When I first got home nothing felt the same. It was so hard to understand. Another organisation helped me at first, but then they referred me to Hagar.

I started to learn more about myself through personal development training. I studied table service and really loved learning new things. I tried my best to overcome my difficulties and complete the training.

I started to think about the future. And then I could feel myself getting more confident. I realized that I could achieve more than I dreamed of before. With patience, I can reach my goals. My life can get better. My vision for my life has enlarged.

Now, I am back in my hometown. I work in a restaurant and I am really happy. I catch up with Hagar staff sometimes and know I am on the right path. One day I would really like to get married and have a family.

Minh is now writing a different ending to her story. She is learning and growing and continues to access a variety of support and services from Hagar in Vietnam. Learn more about Hagar’s work in Vietnam.

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