I am grateful for Hagar but I could not live there forever.

This is real life. Transitional Care is a key focus of Hagar’s work – helping to reintegrate into the community those who’ve suffered abuse- through family foster care, kinship programs and group homes. This is the story of one young woman.
This is Lina’s story:
My name is Lina. I was 16 years old when I came to Hagar, after a neighbour did something bad to me. It was the most shameful thing that happened in my life.

For seven years, I received much love and counsel from everyone at Hagar. Little by little, I learned to overcome my past.

Finally this year, I was reintegrated back into my community.

When I first heard that I would go back to my family, I felt sad about leaving my new brothers and sisters at Hagar and my friends in school. I was afraid that I would not be able to continue my education. But most of all, I was afraid that no one would accept me when I went back to my village.

But my fears melted away when I finally came home. I was able to continue my studies and I am actually doing well. I live in a good condition with my family and our community accepts and loves me.

When I first arrived, I could see some changes in our village. The roads are bigger, my friends and neighbours are all grown up. Everyone in our village welcomed and accepted me! This made me so very happy.

Now I feel safe and happy and my family encourages me to be strong.

I can say that I am very different from before. Because of good education, I am more mature and responsible. And I am able to take care of my siblings. I am determined to stay focused on my studies.

For me, being strong means being confident, hard working, and focused on my future goals. I have no fear about living and I am satisfied with what I have.

Life in all its fullness is to have happiness, being able to go to school, to care for each other, to live with confidence and without violence. In the future I want to be a cook and have my own restaurant. With this, I could help my family and relatives get jobs. But first I need to finish my education and become an expert in cooking.

I am grateful for Hagar because I received so much love and care while I was there, but I could not live there forever. I needed to come back to my community because this is real life. We need to live in the community to be strong and confident to face our own future.

Lina came to Hagar in 2005. In 2011 she was transferred to live in our Group Home, and in March 2012 she was reintegrated to her community. Read more about reintegration.

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