When you donate to Hagar, your gift will enable our assisted beneficiaries to receive the following help:

  1. Trauma counselling to help victims heal emotionally
  2. Shelter support at Hagar’s recovery shelters or with trained foster families
  3. Legal aid to protect the victims from their perpetrators
  4. Basic needs such as nutritious food, daily essentials, clothes.
  5. Education and vocational training to help survivor victims become economically independent in the long run.

Below are some examples of how your donation can make a lasting difference:

SGD 50 – Books and materials to teach one woman to read

Kim grew up poor. Then, her parents died. In the midst of an abusive marriage, her mother-in-law tried to sell her for sex. When she got to Hagar and learned to read, it was the first time she knew that she was good at something. Her life started to change.

SGD 150 – Intensive counselling services for one month

Qujen was 13 when she was sold to a brothel by her own mother. After six dark months of unspeakable abuse, she was rescued. After one year with Hagar, Qujen had begun to heal. She told her counselor, “The blackness is going, and God is shining in my heart.”

SGD 600 – One month’s care for a woman at Hagar Women’s Shelter

Srey Neang came to Hagar Women’s Shelter desperate and suicidal. A brutal acid attack had nearly ended her life. Slowly, her physical and emotional wounds began to heal. Now, she has a job, an apartment, and a new life. “Before I was weak,” Srey Neang says, “but now I am strong. I want to live.”

SGD 750 – Three months’ training program to prepare one woman for sustainable employment

At 17, Bhoupa received an offer too good to be true. The promised waitress job turned out to be life in a brothel. She escaped once, only to be returned. Then, Bhoupa’s siblings sold their home to buy their sister back. With no job, Bhoupa was still vulnerable. Through Hagar, she studied cosmetology. Now, she runs her own salon, is married, and has started a family.

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Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for each client. Names have been changed to protect their identities.