Hagar 2017 Supporters Trip to Vietnam

Hagar Supporter Trip to Vietnam

Come 6th May, a group of 16 donors, supporters and volunteers will be making their way to Vietnam to visit Hagar’s work in Hanoi and the Yen Bai province.

Determined to make a difference, the group is excited to learn more about Hagar’s work among women and children afflicted by cross-border trafficking and domestic violence, and find ways to support them in their walk to recovery. In the meantime, watch this space to catch the highlights of the Vietnam trip as we come back with more stories of our adventure!

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Hagar invites you to Hanoi, Vietnam

May 6-10, 2017

Estimated cost – $700 – $800
(includes a day trip to Halong Bay)

Vietnam offers a natural unspoiled beauty and rich culture with its spectacular scenery, beautiful beaches, quaint streets and a friendly people. Vietnam has been rapidly changing and developing in the past decade and has made remarkable progress, becoming one of the world’s major exporter of rice and coffee.

But more than just a beautiful tourist destination, Hanoi carries the bitter tales of young Vietnamese girls trafficked across the borders of China and forced into marriage. Because of its one-child policy, the ratio of females to males in China is extremely low resulting in men seeking wives from foreign countries. Seeking to gain a profit, ruthless businessmen began targeting rural villages in Vietnam. While the government has stepped up awareness efforts to keep the locals informed, some rural communities such as Yen Bai province are still unreached. The agricultural-based province lies in Northern Vietnam, right next to China, making it easier to cross over.

Together with the Women’s Union, Hagar has been reaching out to the local communities and helping them learn how to identify signs of potential trafficking and ways to keep themselves safe.

Enjoy one of Asia’s most charming cities and be inspired by stories of courage and resilience of women who have overcame the trauma of their harrowing experience with Hagar’s help. Sign up here!

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