How your company can help to transform broken lives

Partner with Hagar and send a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your customers, shareholder, and employees. Your company can raise its profile and make a difference for many women and children who are victims of extreme human rights abuse, particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence, and sexual exploitation, around the world

Hundreds of companies have already discovered the measurable benefits of a collaborative relationship with Hagar. You and your company can participate in a variety of ways to help end human trafficking and exploitation of children and women around the world.

Matching Gifts Programme – Learn how payroll deductions and employer matches can create the socially responsible corporate environment you seek, while helping others in need around the world.

Public Awareness Events – An opportunity to rally your staff together to participate in meaningful events that will instil in them a greater sense of purpose in their lives and at work.

Introduce Hagar to your staff  – Organise a lunch talk programme and invite Hagar to share.

Host an Event/Run a Project in the office  – Decide what event or project you would like to organise, and Hagar will assist you.Example: Host a Charity Dinner, Organise a FUN(d)-Raising Activity or Run a marathon.

Write about Hagar in the company newsletter and let others know that the company will be holding an event to raise support for Hagar to help vulnerable women and children. This will encourage discussion and promote awareness in the office on the work of Hagar.

Be an advocate. Engage your staff and colleagues. Raise awareness and support for women and children in Hagar’s Recovery Programme today!

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