Empower a survivor

Human trafficking is a crime of violence and an inconceivable violation of a human’s rights and dignity. Ever wondered – what if that victim was my daughter, son, sister, brother or my closest friend?

Particularly, in this era of globalisation, it is not altogether unbelievable to imagine that someone we know could possibly be a vulnerable target. Across the globe, millions of people are trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation. Human trafficking is a thriving, organised crime; it is incredibly complex and under-reported. Behind every statistic is a real person that cannot be written off.

The best way you can help to stop this heinous crime is by taking action!

Join the emPOWER movement and be part of a strong coalition of communities to put a stop to exploitation! There are 3 ways in which you can ACT and create impact.

  1. EMPOWER a survivor and provide them with critical recovery services to help them start a whole new life, and improve their literacy and self-sufficiency so they can be protected from being re-exploited.
  2. RECOGNISE the signs of a potential trafficking victim and find out how you can alert the authorities. These victims could be in your neighbourhood or work communities. You could be their only hope for rescue.
  3. SPREAD your power through social media by sharing your new knowledge about human trafficking and the different ways that your networks could take action to prevent this crime or protect victims.
Our responsibility doesn’t end with awareness; it is the first step. Your actions today could change the world for someone. Please act now.
Empower a survivor and walk the journey of recovery and restoration  Recognise the signs of victimisation and alert the local authorities Spread your power on social media and share what you have learnt with your friends



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