Joma Bakery Café – Social Enterprise Spotlight

We are often asked about our approach to social business: What does it look like? Who do we partner with? What is the impact? Hagar’s experience with business runs deep in our veins, right back to our very start as an organisation. In its infancy, Hagar started its first enterprise, a...

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Giving a Gift of Sight

"You see, her name is *Nita, and at the age of 7 days (yes, 7 DAYS), she suffered a brutal acid attack. What's an acid attack you say? That's when someone throws acid at you. And at 7 days old, an infant can't really do much to protect herself...

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Overcoming the Past. Daring to Dream.

"I learned about myself, how to overcome difficulties, forgiveness and be a stronger person, as if I am a flower that has blossomed beautifully." -Hanh, 16, survivor of sex trafficking The room hummed with activity. Each woman, carefully handpicking pens and markers, putting ink to paper. A giggle....

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When We Couldn’t Say No Anymore


by Amie Gosselin

We couldn’t say no anymore.

It was 2009. Hagar had been caring for women and girls in Cambodia for 15 years, time and experience maturing our approach to long-term care for victims of abuse.

But then the phone calls started.

The police at the station said, “I know you care...

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10 New Year’s Resolutions That Promise A HAPPIER 2014

[caption id="attachment_5428" align="alignleft" width="400"] A drawing done by one of the clients at our recovery shelter in Cambodia while undergoing trauma-focused therapies. Painted in vibrant colours, the drawing depicts her journey to safety and restoration ever since her life fell apart years ago.[/caption] What is your new year's...

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Living Life Beyond the Paycheck

In May 2013, Shahrzad Mossanenzadeh, 25, left her home in Long Beach, California to take up a volunteer position as Visitor Coordinator with HAGAR International in Phnom Penh. Shahrzad has a B.A in Anthropology from University of California Irvine.   How are you settling in Phnom Penh? I am doing well. I have...

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Hagar Gift Catalogue – Transform Lives with a Simple Gift

singapore life-giving gifts
Ever wondered what is the one of the best ways to help a needy child who has been severely abused and has lost the reason to live on? In Hagar’s Gift Catalogue, you will find many stories of victims who had gone through much multiple traumatic events in their lives....

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Courage takes on a New Meaning

Personal account by Ms Lynette Lim, a Hagar Singapore volunteer. It was a Monday evening after work. I grabbed my handbag, dashed out of a meeting and jumped into a taxi in front of me. "Uncle, Changi Airport please. I'm running very late, could you please get me there within 30...

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The Unimaginable Wager; Risking It All for Freedom

A story about refugees in Cambodia by Michael Hirsch, HAGAR Cambodia Refugee Project Manager   This is impossible, but try: Imagine your country is wracked by civil war -- bombings, killings, missing persons, interrogations, imprisonments, displacement... Fear so palpable that you feel it in your empty gut, you see it in faces of...

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When Mercy Meets Courage

Personal reflection by Camy Low, Hagar Singapore volunteer. Camy met Nita for the first time when the little Cambodian girl came to Singapore for her medical check-up last month. Though the 9-year-old escaped death, each day she carries on her body scars from the brutal attack. Read more about Nita's story...

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