URGENT Plea to Save 2 Trafficked Girls and Their Family in Crisis

Appeal for Tania and Priya
HAGAR Singapore has been working to support Tania and Priya in their recovery journey for the last three years. Victims of sex trafficking, both girls have been struck by an unexpected crisis recently and we are calling out for urgent support to help them tide over this difficult period. Tania...

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A Future Full of Light

Mariam - A Future Full of Light
Mariam’s story comes from a programme run by HAGAR Afghanistan, Empowering Women and girls toward Economic Participation (EWEP). An Afghan woman’s right to safe and sustainable work is almost non-existent, especially for those with backgrounds of violence and exploitation. EWEP seeks to bridge the gap for survivors to enter the...

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In Pursuit of Justice

Legal workshop for the ladies helping them understand the legal process, their roles, rights and responsibilities
What happens after a trafficked victim is rescued? Why can’t they head home immediately after the rescue? Hagar Singapore explains this and more. The trauma of being trafficked across borders into slavery and inhumane working conditions is undoubtedly immense. Adding to this mental and emotional pressure is the...

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Hagar Charity Golf Tournament 2017

Hagar Charity Golf 2017 highlights article featured image

14 July 2017 | Seletar Country Club

  17 July 2017 - Despite grey skies and heavy thunderstorms in the morning that threatened a cancellation, golfers turned out in full force last Friday to support Hagar’s third charity golf tournament, held at Seletar Country Club. A whopping $144,000 was raised from the...

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Formidable Alliances for Hope

The work of HAGAR cannot be done alone. And we are always glad to welcome partners who are willing to join us in restoring and empowering broken lives to wholeness. If you have a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme, an Advocacy Network or a Rights Watch Group, a Missions Team, or you...

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Coming Face to Face with the TRUTH

Visit Hagar's work in Hanoi and the Yen Bai province
An Australian supporter, Naomi Nixon shares her personal experience meeting survivors of trafficking and abuse. Relocating to Singapore six years ago with my husband and three young children has turned out to be a wonderful move for our family. Singapore has been such an easy and friendly place to settle down in, with good schools...

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The Faces of Human Trafficking

Faces of human trafficking
[embed width="520"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE_HhKyRJhg[/embed]

Video story from Our Better World

With more than 45 million slaves in the world, human trafficking ranks the 3rd most lucrative illegal trade generating 150 billion dollars annually. More than half of the victims are women and a third are children. Traffickers exploit them...

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White Wine Wednesday

Charity wine event fully championed by a corporate individual
Championed fully by a corporate individual, the evening raised some $20,000 as many guests turned up to learn more about Hagar's work and how they can be a partner in contributing to the efforts to help restore lives torn apart by trafficking and other forms of extreme abuse. Sombre moments could...

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Broken But Beautiful

Cau article featured image
Cau is a talented artist and has been painting and drawing since young. It has always been her way of expressing how she feels and her gratitude to others. Most recently, it has become an avenue for her recovery. About ten months ago, Cau was sold to China. Ever since she...

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Sowing Into the Lives of Trafficked Survivors

Sowing room article featured image
In Singapore, Hagar provides trauma recovery and resettlement support to women who have been trafficked into the country for labour and sexual exploitation. The women are primarily from the Asia region and most have little or no formal education. Their similarity is in their desire to build a better future...

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