Breaking Free From Captivity


At 18 years old, Zarin was forced to sleep with her brother who violated her sexually. She ran away and found shelter at Mazar where she eventually found a man she loved and married him.

However, she never expected that life would become worse for her after marrying this man.

After giving birth to two children, Zarin’s parents in law forced her to become a prostitute. She refused vehemently and as a result, her husband divorced her and took the children from her. Zarin was also rejected by her own parents after the marriage breakup.

For about nine years, Zarin is familiar with the pains of physical violence, emotional torture and poverty. Every day, she pines for her children and clings to the hope of being reunited with them.

Unfortunately, Zarin’s circumstances are not unusual in the country she comes from. Many women are forced to flee from their homes because of the increased violence and abuse against women in Afghanistan. In their communities, women are regarded as the lowest life form and men do not feel apologetic for their attacks against women and girls.

Thankfully for Zarin, she found Hagar Afghanistan and is now recovering at the Transitional Care Center (TCC) in Kabul. At TCC, Zarin is learning new vocational skills and hopes to become independent in due time where she can support herself. She looks forward to the day when she would hear her children calling out to her “Mummy” and receiving a warm hug from them.

“I want to learn reading and writing to get my eyes open. I know that without literacy, the person is blind,” Zarin exclaimed.

For the past 10 weeks, many have responded to our emergency appeal for these victims of violence in Afghanistan. Hagar Singapore would like to thank every donor for their generosity during the appeal and the first batch of funds has been disbursed to provide emergency aid to many survivors.

However, with the increased violence against women and children in the country, there is more to be done. Our donation portal is still open – please consider making an urgent gift to help us provide critical aid to these vulnerable survivors. We need more help and we can only do this with your support.