Hagar Research


SystemJustForChildren  A System Just for Children – A study conducted by Hagar field researchers in conjunction with UNICEF, 2014/2015The first study of its kind documenting the experiences of child victims in Cambodia’s courts and recommendations for developing a child-friendly system
ForgottenNoMore Forgotten No More – Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan, 2013Hagar’s ground breaking research into the incidence and prevalence of human trafficking in Afghanistan uncovered that child trafficking is extremely prevalent in these targeted areas, and it overwhelmingly involves boys trafficked for sex, labour, and/or child soldiering..
 Final HAGAR Afghanistan Research Cover Needs Analysis: Researching Kabul’s Most Forgotten, May 2011
 Front Page English Toward A Cooperative Future  Towards A Cooperative Approach: A Study on the Situation of Children with Intellectual Disabilities in Cambodia, 2009 Table of Contents & Acknowledgements  |   Executive Summary   |   Part 1: Understanding the Issue   |  Part 2: The Study   |   Part 3: Research Findings  |   Part 4: Next Steps; Components 1-2   |  Part 4: Next Steps; Components 3-4
 I thought it could never happen to Boys I Thought It Could Never Happen to Boys; Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Boys in Cambodia, An Exploratory Study. January, 2008
 The Road Home Cover  The Road Home; Toward a Model of “reintegration” and considerations for alternative care for children trafficked for sexual exploitation in Cambodia. March 2007


Additional Reading and Research

Not for Sale:  The Return of the Global Slave Trade – and How We Can Fight It, by David Batstone (HarperOne, 2007)

God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue, by Daniel Walker (Intervarsity Press, 2011)