Hagar International works together with Hagar national entities to ensure its mission, values & beliefs are integrated into its social programs and commercial enterprises.

Hagar is following the example of Jesus Christ in humbly serving and loving those rejected and exploited by society. Hagar nurtures hope, healing, resilience, dignity, family and community so that all involved (donors, partners, staff and beneficiaries) experience transformation. (Why)

Hagar is responsive to the most severe injustice and alienation among women and children on an individual basis. Consistent with Jesus’ example, Hagar provides services without any discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs, race, gender, culture, social position, or nationality. (Who)

Hagar is tenacious – whatever it takes and as long as it takes – in recognition of the deep wounding of severe abuse. Hagar provides high quality professional services in health care, legal aid, counseling, education, family services as well as employment through innovative businesses. (What)

Hagar is committed to real life-giving relationships as the most powerful currency of transformation for both survivors and supporters.Hagar identifies the individual needs and potential of each survivor and, through relationships, nurtures their journey toward resilience and dignity. (How)

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